Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Tuesday 2nd February

The Gingerbread Manhunt (Task 1)


Watch the video to find out what happened to Mr Bennett's gingerbread man! Then during your daily exercise go on a hunt to see if the gingerbread man is hiding in your local area. Find the hiding places on the checklist and take some photos. You will need to remember your journey tomorrow. 

The Gingerbread Manhunt

The Gingerbread Man is on the run... can you spot him? Where has he been?

Maths (Task 2)


Today's number is 10! Try and find 10 toys to play the 10 in a bed rhyme. Do you know any other rhymes about 10 things? Find a partner to play the race to 10 game. 

10 in a Bed

Race to 10

Gingerbread Man Map (Task 3)

Can you draw a map of the Gingerbread Man's route from the Mr. and Mrs. Baker's house to the river? Draw each setting he passes through and label the your pictures using your sounds.

The Gingerbread Man Comprehension (Task 4)


Re-watch Mr. Carter reading the story and answer the questions here.

Sweet Home (Learning) Alabama

Why did the Gingerbread Man cross the road? To see your amazing home learning.