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Tuesday 26th January

Maths (Task 1)


This week we are going to be learning about time. Today we will be focusing on a minute. A minute is 60 seconds. See if you can count to 60 slowly. This is about a minute. Today’s challenge is to see whether doing these tasks takes longer or shorter than a minute.


1 minute explosion countdown timer


Use the timer, if you finish before the bomb goes off its shorter than a minute, if the bomb goes off then it takes longer than a minute.


Making your bed

Writing your name

Walking up and down the stairs

Putting on your coat

Brushing your teeth

Sing a nursery rhyme

Count to 100

Eat your breakfast


Investigate some other tasks and see if they are longer or shorter than a minute.

Storytelling (Task 2)


Watch Mr Carter retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs and try to learn the actions and the words to the story map by following along or using the picture of the story map. You will need lots of practice little and often.

Three Little Pigs Story Map

House Building (Task 3)


Can you build a house to protect a toy from the Big Bad Wolf (your hairdryer!)


Your house must:


  • Fit a toy inside
  • Have 4 walls
  • A roof
  • Stay standing whilst you jump up and down for 1 minute 4 steps away from it
  • Stay standing whilst you blow it with a hairdryer for 1 minute on the cool setting


See the below example the children in school built.


PE Lesson / BEAM (Task 4)

Join Mr. Bennett for today's PE lesson.

Your outstanding home learning

Knock, knock. Who's there? Amazing home learning. Amazing home learning who? AMAZING LEARNING BY YOU!