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Tuesday 26th January

Tuesday's Introduction

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Science - Shadows

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In Science today, we will finding out about shadows and how and why they are made.  

Can you find out what the words opaque, translucent and transparent mean?  

Your challenge is make a hand puppet - who can create a duck or a dog shadow?  Maybe a stag or even a butterfly?  What shadow creations can you make?  


In reading today we will be focusing on retrieval.  This is the skill of being able to read a text and find information.  Journalists and detectives are good at retrieving information.   

Show off your retrieval skills by finding the answers to questions and copying them from the text.  

Maths - Pictograms

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Today we will be learning about pictograms as a way of representing information.  Pictograms uses pictures.  You'll need to look at the key to see how many one picture represents - it changes in different examples!  What happens if there is only half of the picture drawn?  

Times Tables

Do you like bowling?  Great!  A perfect partnership today! Practise your bowling skills and times tables at the same time!  Click on the link below to the game, follow the instructions and HAVE FUN!


Who will score the highest in Year 3??  


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Work through this lesson; pausing the video as you attempt each activity and mark as you go along.