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Tuesday 26th January

Good morning guys!


Happy happy Tuesday!


Well done to all of you for working so hard and putting so much effort into your home learning. Receiving your work and seeing so many of you on our daily registrations truly are the highlights of our day!


We look forward to seeing you during our registration again at 11am today.


Don't forget we have the contact form on the previous page if you have any questions about the below learning.


Below you will find:


-Our daily introduction giving you an outline of what your day will look like.

-A Learning Project lesson.

-A Maths lesson.

-A Times Tables task.

-A GPS lesson.

A Reading task.

- A PE lesson

Today's Timetable

Daily introduction

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Learning Project

Today's task is to look at the beginning of a fantasy story based on the digestive system. You will then need to use the story mountain to show what has happened in the opening and build up of the story. Once you have done this you then need to continue to fill in the story mountain with your own ideas about how the story will continue using the dilemma, resolution and ending boxes on the plan. 


There is a pdf copy of the story if you need to refer back to it after watching the video.  You can either write on the story mountain below the video or draw your own one. 

Planning a fantasy digestive system story

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Times Tables

Today you can either choose the Times Tables task below for the times tables you are currently learning or continue your Rockstars practise.


Tuesday input.mp4

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Please watch the video above to give you a better idea of today's GPS task.


Today we are focusing on using a consistent tense throughout a piece of writing.


Here is a guide of the three main tenses:


Past - when things have already happened.

Present - when things are happening right now.

Future - when things haven't happened yet.


My top tip for identifying which tense writing is in: find the verbs (verbs are doing words). How the verb is written will help you to tell the tense. For example, verbs in the past tense very often end in -ed.


Your task is below:

1. Please find the verbs and underline them. 

2. Change the verbs to the past tense. 

3. Re-read the whole paragraph after you have changed the verbs, check if it makes sense and if the tense is consistently in the past.


Today your reading task is to read the next chapter of How to Catch an Invisible Cat. 


Once you have read and listened to the chapter think about what has happened so far.

Can you predict what will happen next? Think about the clues in the text that you might base your predictions on.



Today in PE you will be practicing your ball skills. There are four challenges to complete that use both your hands and your feet. You will need to watch the video to see what you need to do. If you do not have a football or any ball you can always roll up some socks together.


Challenge 1- Kick ups

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Challenge 2 - Volleyball

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Challenge 3 - Dribbling

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Challenge 4 - Balancing a ball

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