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Tuesday 19th January

Tuesday's Introduction

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Today we will be learning about the Roman army and discovering why it was so successful.  There are some new words to learn - do you know what a Centurion is or a legionnaire?  Can you tell your Cohorts apart from your Centurias?  Who is who in the Roman army and does it really matter?  
At the end of the video, you have 3 important questions to answer - remember punishments were severe for disobedient soldiers.  You have been warned!


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Today in Maths, we are using our skills from yesterday to help us solve problems with adding money.

Remember your RUCSAC - Read, Underline, Calculation, Solve, Answer, Check.

You might find it helpful if you can, to have some coins handy to help you solve the problems, especially where you need to find different combinations.  

Have fun, good luck!



Today's focus in reading is Vocabulary.  Making sure we understand the words that we are reading is really important - without this we cannot understand what we are reading.  Looking carefully at vocabulary and thinking about the word choices an author uses can help us broaden our vocabulary and even improve our writing!  What new words will you discover today?


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Today in GPS we are looking at prefixes. Small groups of letters that are added to the beginning of words which help to change their meaning.