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Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Tuesday 12th January

Maths (Task 1)


Find out about animals with 8 legs with Mr Carter. Then try and make the number 8 in your play today, here are some ideas of how.



Make a train with 8 carriages.                                Make an arrangement of 8 things you found outside.



Feed a baby 8 things.                                             Make a playdough number 8.



Make some towers using 8 bricks.                         Make a spider with 8 legs out of a peg.

Number 8

The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Task 2)


1. Join in with the listening games and songs and then listen to a different version of the story:


BBC Listen and Play 


2. Talk about what was the same in this version of the story and ours? What was different?


3. Carry on learning the words and actions to the storymap that you started yesterday.

Make a Bridge (Task 3)


Here's an alternative to the bridge Mrs Sakhi showed you yesterday and some examples from the children in school:





Three Billy Goats Gruff STEM Activity (Part 2 / Task 4)

Join Mrs. Sakhi to use your puppets to re-enact the story of the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'.

YOUR Fantastic Home Learning (Monday11th - Tuesday 12th January)