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Tuesday 12th January

Tuesday's Introduction

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Topic - Can you sell a Roman villa?

Today we will be continuing our learning about Roman houses and we will learn some names of the key features of Roman villas.  Do you know what an atrium is or what happens in the culina?  What is the Roman name for a bedroom or who uses the triclinium?  You'll need to brush up your knowledge on persuasive language if you're going to be able to sell the emperor's villa - you know what happens to slaves who disappoint the emperor!

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Today we will be building on our knowledge of money and we will be learning to convert pounds and pence - do you know how many pennies there are in one pound?  What happens if I have £3 - how many pennies would I have?  

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Today our reading focus is retrieval.  Once you have read the extract from your group, are you able to find the information to answer the questions?  

Times Tables

Log in to TTRockstars to practise your times tables!  I think there is a 'Beat the Teacher' challenge - if you find it, perhaps you'd like to challenge one of the Year 3 adults??? Choose wisely!


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Our GPS lesson today is all about recognising speech. In a text, how do we know a person is speaking? We know because there are punctuation marks called inverted commas. These will be situated before and after the words actually being spoken. In a way, they replace the use of speech bubbles in a text. Watch the video and learn how to recognise direct speech in a text.