Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders


Today we are asking you to do something very exciting! 


We would like you to do your first Big Write. This should be completely independent and you should allow yourself 30-40 minutes to do this.


Our learning this week has included learning about the features of instructions and writing a set of instructions to build a insect habitat. You have all done an amazing job and we are really proud of the work we have received. We have seen some amazing sets of instructions. Well done.


So now its your turn. We would like you to write a set of instructions for anything you like, this could be making a sandwich, playing a game or even brushing your teeth it is entirely up to you. What we are looking or is that you have included all the features we have covered this week. 


We recommend you find yourselves a comfortable space and have your writing materials ready. Decide what instructions you are going to write and then work through your instructions step by step. 


Before you send your instructions over to myself and Mrs Schoeman, please re read and check that you are happy with the work you have done. 


We are very excited to see your instructions.