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Thursday's Quest

Thursday's Quest


* Read the text about building a castle and answer questions based on the text. 


*Complete the GPS quest to sharpen your GPS skills. 


*Write a non-fiction booklet or long piece of factual writing about castles. Use the questions that you used to research with as subheadings. Include diagrams and drawings. These will be like your Captain Cook and Bug books. Write in full sentences and include conjunctions to extend your sentences. You may want to sound like an expert and use some fronted adverbials. Eg. Interestingly, some castle towers are round to protect them from trebuchet attacks when the castle is at war. 

The questions for the subheadings were:

What are castles?

Who built them? 

Why were they built?

Who lived in them?

Are there different types of castle? (use your work on comparing Motte and Bailey castles and Medieval castles for this section)

What are the defensive features of a castle?

Are there castles in Kent? Where are they? (you may want to include a map)

You might want to come up with your own subheadings instead. Use open questions so that you can write a paragraph of information underneath. You may also want to include a glossary at the end to help with vocabulary or a quiz or wordsearch at the end to test your readers. This should be a fantastic, detailed and beautifully written piece of writing. You can share all of your knowledge about castles. If you want to spend more time on it then go a ahead. You may even want to turn it into a book with card covers or type it up as a Word document. Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit would love to see at least a picture of this lovely work. 


* Today's task will focus on adding different amounts together. You may want to create a shop in your own house and create price tags. Then go shopping and practise adding amounts together. Which method would you use? Would you do it mentally, using column addition, a numberline or another way? 


*Complete the Knight's Shopping Trip sheet and have a go at the extra Maths activities posted below. 


*Finish building and decorate your castle model. We can't wait to see them!


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