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Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Thursday 4th February

Postcard from the Gingerbread Man (Task 1)

Today you will be writing a postcard from the Gingerbread Man's perspective. Watch the video then you can print the template (or use paper and draw the lines) to write your own postcard!

Postcard Template

Postcard from the Gingerbread Man Example

Relaxing Art (Task 2)


Take your pen for a walk around the paper whilst you listen to your favourite music. Then colour in the spaces using paint, pencils or pens to create a wonderful piece of art. 


PE with your Socks! (Task 3) 


Grab some socks, set up a course and join in with Mr Carter's footwork patterns, then find a partner to play Sock Wars.

Footwork Patterns with Socks

#ThisIsPE - Sock Wars

Phonics Snakes and Ladders (Task 4)

Phonics Snakes and Ladders

Grrrr! Ditty Book (Task 5)

Grrrr! pg. 10-13


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