Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Thursday 25th February

Good morning Year 1!


We hope you are all keeping well. Our activities for today are listed below:




1. Topic- What do animals need? PowerPoint/video posted below. 


2. Reading- 'Hey little bug!' poems

Video and questions posted below.


3. MathsCount in 2s. 

Resources are posted in the documents below. 


4. Phonics- Activities are posted below.

Pupils should know which Phonics groups they were in last term, if unsure please email and we can assist.


5. PE-

Join Jamie as she tells the magical story of Jack And The Beanstalk through yoga poses!


6. Spellings- Video posted below.


7. Geography- 'Where does it belong?' cut and stick activity. PDF posted below.


Please remember to send any pictures and work to


We cannot wait to see your lovely work and to give you some feedback. Have fun!



Today we are discussing what humans and animals need in order to survive. By the end of today’s lesson, you will know that humans and animals need oxygen to breath, food to eat, water to drink and somewhere to sleep. We will also discuss the differences between animals and humans. For your task today, I would like you to pick a pet of your choice and draw some pictures and sentences of the different things that they need to be fit and healthy. Make sure you start your sentences with a capital letter, leave finger spaces between your words, include adjectives and end your sentences with a piece of punctuation.


This PowerPoint does not have a voice over, but feel free to try and read it yourself if you like!

What was your favourite poem and why?

Can you remember any of the rhyming words used?

Who had a bad temper and bad breath?

Can you list some of the adjectives used in the poems?

Why do you think that whales hate beaches?

Why do you think the spider's web was called a palace? (These 'why do you think...' are really difficult questions as they require you to evaluate evidence from the poem and use it to create your own opinion! Give them a go!).



Please watch this video if you would like some extra practice. Select the 'Count in 2s' option. 


This is the last day we are going to spend on counting in 2s. Make sure you are practicing counting forwards AND backwards in 2s as this is very important. How far can you get when counting in 2s on your own? There are some questions for you to work through on the PowerPoint and then you have to compete the number lines by counting in 2s. If you would like an extra challenge, you can try some of the mastery questions. 

In this activity we are comparing different landscapes and looking at the different kinds of things that we can expect to see in each. Can you match the pictures to the correct location?



Keep practicing your spellings, your final test is tomorrow!