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Thursday 25th February

Happy Thursday!

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Finding Fascinating Facts on Volcanoes

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We recap on how a volcano erupts and the effects of this. We also look at a few fascinating facts. Then we will be doing some detective work looking for our own interesting facts about volcanoes!

Topic - Volcanoes

Fact Finding Resources



Today in maths, we will be using our multiplication and division skills to solve word problems.  Do you remember RUCSAC?  You'll need this to help you take the correct steps to solve the problems.  Don't forget to check your answers too - you could draw the picture, use an array, use the bar model or do the inverse.


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Times Tables


Today, we have chosen a non-screen based activity to help you learn your times tables.  Today, you will be active in your learning as you count in multiples of 3, 4 and 8s.  You'll need to download the number cards (or make your own!) to play this game.  

There is a challenge too - we wonder who will accept the challenge?  

Could you make up your own game to help learn your times tables?  


Have fun!



Today in GPS we will be learning about and using similes.   Authors use similes to add detail to their descriptions without having to write a long list of adjectives.  It helps to create vivid mental images in the reader's mind and makes their writing more interesting and engaging to read.  


What similes will you use today?   



Today we learn about authorial intent.  Authors choose their words carefully to create a specific mood or feeling and to have an effect on the reader as well as create great descriptions.   We will explore the vocabulary and language the author has chosen to use.