Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Thursday 21st January

Good Morning guys


We hope that you are enjoying your home learning this week.

We're really enjoying looking at all the fabulous work that you are sending in to us.


We look forward to seeing you during our registration window at 11am today.


Don't forget we have the contact form on the previous page if you have any questions about the below learning.


Below you will find:


-Our daily introduction giving you an outline of what your day will look like.

-A Learning Project lesson.

-A PE lesson.

-A times table task

-A reading task.

-A GPS lesson. 

Today's timetable

Daily Introduction

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Learning Project

Today’s Learning Project lesson is dedicated to you writing your instructions.


Each Learning Project lesson so far this week has been aimed at preparing you to feel ready to start writing, so please use your planning and the examples given to you to help you today.


Your task: To write your own set of instructions that your digestive system can follow step by step to successfully digest some food. If you are not sure how you can set out your writing, there are some examples below that you can choose to use to help you if you would like to. There is also a checklist to help you remember to include the features.


We can’t wait to read them!


Please log on to Mathletics to complete your assigned tasks: Mathletics United Kingdom | Empowering Maths Learning Online

Once you have completed this, feel free to keep your brain active and squeeze in some extra practise on Times Tables Rock Stars! Times Tables Rock Stars (

Mrs MacDonald's Maths group

If you are in Mrs MacDonald's Maths group please attempt the below task.

Times Tables

Today's times tables task is to complete the times table search for your group.

Please don't worry if you are unable to print them, you could always copy the number search out instead. 



Today's GPS task is to work on your spellings. There are a few activities that you could try as well a wordsearch and maze. All of these will help you to learn your spellings so have a go at the activities for your group. If you are unable to print them out you could copy out the wordsearch and design your own maze.


La Luna - Guided Reading Trailer clip

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After you have watched the trailer complete the prediction questions.


Watch the videos of how the challenges should be done then see how we got on with our attempts. See if you can do better than we can!

Mrs Bowler attempting the one leg stand up from the floor challenge

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Mrs Bowler attempting the pick up paper with your mouth on one leg challenge

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Mrs Hudson attempting the toilet roll stack challenge

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Mrs Hudson attempting the throwing and catching 3 objects at once challenge

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Mr Ewen attempting the rolling over without dropping the shoe challenge

Still image for this video

Mr Ewen attempting the toilet roll toss and catch challenge

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