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Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Thursday 21st January

Thursday's Introduction

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Today we will be learning about Roman soldiers.  We will discover what a Roman soldier wore, find out about the weapons they used and the equipment they had for protection.  We will learn about some of the jobs the soldiers were expected to do and some of the amazing things they built.  

Today you have 4 tasks to complete:

1. Design a shield 

2. Label a soldier

3. Research and write a factsheet about a piece of armour

4. Explain what it was like to be a Roman soldier.


Have fun!


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Today we are focusing on explaining and predicting.  Being able to explain what you have read shows your understanding.  To be able to predict what might happen next, needs you to be able to use clues from the text that you have read so far.  These are two important skills.  



Today in Maths, we will be learning to subtract using money.  Can you use a number line?  Can you use the whole-part model?  Will you decide to use the column method?  Are you able to exchange correctly?  Can you show the coins you could use for a given amount?  Being able to subtract money is very important as you'll need to be able to do this when you are giving or receiving change.  

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Times Tables


Today you will practise your times tables using a fishing game!  Click on the link below to enter the game.  Have fun!!


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