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Thursday 11th February

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Times Tables- Chinese New Year themed


This GPS Assessment covers a lot of what we have been learning about this term. Please complete this to the best of your ability, using your own knowledge (not Google's). The answers are attached so once you have completed then please mark it. Have your scores ready for us to record at registration. Today, our extra session after registration will be spent going through some of the questions on this paper. Good luck! 

Maths- Chinese New Year Activity

Give this fun Chinese New Year Maths activity a go. It is only a bit of fun so do not worry if it's a little bit tricky. The answers are attached if you need a bit of a hint or to check your answers at the end. 
Please complete one of the comprehension activities (one, two or three star)

Mandarin Lesson KS2

Follow this super fun video made by Miss Matthes and Jamie. Have a go at learning some words in Mandarin Chinese! The PowerPoint is attached below as a video for you to look over in your own time after if you would like. Enjoy!

KS2 Mandarin.mp4

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