Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders


Roll up, roll up!!!  Don't be shy - take a look!  Get 'em while their hot!!  Bargain of the day!! 


You've got it!  It's Market Day!


One of the busiest days of the week is when the market comes to town!  Head on over to the market to find out what you can buy.  I wonder what you'll see, hear, smell, taste, feel?   Complete the challenges and watch the clip to find out. 


What other information can you find out about markets - how have they changed?  What is the same between a market in 2020 and those in the Medieval era? 


Perhaps you could make some wares to sell or swap?  You could find out what would be a tasty treat for a tired knight and have a go at making some?  You know that art you had a go at yesterday - perhaps you could make some more to sell at the market?  


Complete your diary entry to explain all about this fantastic day!

Medieval Markets

Educational film for BBC on history of markets