Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Term 4

Misty Mountain Sierra

Mighty mountains peak above the morning mists, imposing and eternal, rocky outcrops at their feet. Discover how these giants are formed, as a fold or a block, a dome or a plateau. Follow the water cycle’s course from peak to valley and meet the exceptional tribes of the hostile Himalayas. Then plan a mountain expedition from the BMC that is eco friendly and as safe as can be. But look out. What’s that by that tree? Its footprints are huge. Have we found the Yeti?


Week 5 Pre-Learning - due Wednesday 30th March


Research about a person doing mountain sports such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing or mountain biking. Can you draw or take a picture of the person doing the sport in action? Can you then write a character description including the equipment and clothing needed for that person? Remember to include adjectives when describing their appearance and even include details like what their personality may be like.

Have fun creating your own character! (The best ones will be featured on the website!)






Please complete the Mathletics activities that have been set. Also have a go at practising your times tables with TT Rockstars!

Spelling Homework Term 4