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Term 1's Learning

Our first topic in Year 6 will be.......


The Wonders of Mexico


This term, we will be jetting off to the continent of North America where you will be introduced to the vibrant culture of Mexico. Throughout this topic we will explore the geographical features of the land and take a step back in time to experience the Maya civilisation. We will be learning about the many festivals of Mexico and holding our own fiesta - sombreros at the ready! Mexican food is always a hot topic so we will be sampling some exquisite cuisine before testing our own culinary skills. 


Help your child prepare for their project
Mexico is a fascinating land full of music and celebration. Why not work together and use non-fiction books or online research to find out about the impressive landmarks of Mexico? You could also look at holiday brochures or websites to plan an imaginary trip to Mexico. Alternatively, you could sample Mexican food in a restaurant or at home.