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Social stories (information for parents)

Social stories can help children understand situations that might crop up at school or at home.  They were invented in the 1990s by Carol Gray and to be a true Social Story as defined by her there are many criteria!


Social stories can take many different forms but usually they are a written narrative accompanied by pictures and/or photos designed to be read with your child many times to share information that makes sense to them and help them cope with that particular event. 


Social stories can be used in a huge range of situations including:

  • Transitioning from one an activity to another
  • Putting on a PE kit
  • Going shopping with the family
  • Having a haircut
  • Going on holiday (I wish!!!)
  • A very specific event or situation, such as mask-wearing requirements, social distancing etc.


I have attached an example from Twinkl and one made by Mrs Bowler here in school to explain Zoom Registration. You can also find plenty of information and examples online if you "google" social stories. However, it is recommended that a social story is written specifically for each individual so if you feel your child would benefit from a social story, now or in the future, please contact me and we can work together on it.


Mrs Gearing