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Good morning Year 6. 


Today's reading lesson is going to be a little different, rather than reading a text you are going to be using a picture to answer your questions. In today's lesson we are going to be developing your inference skills and vocabulary. Start be copying out the table of words below and fill in the definitions (you can use a dictionary to help you. you can access an online dictionary here: Once you have completed the table use the picture below to answer the questions, don't forget to use evidence from the picture to justify your answers.  

Activity 1 - Vocabulary

Activity 2 – answer the questions below

  1. What does the image represent?
  2. What do the landmarks represent?
  3. If the image were used as an advert, what might it be advertising?
  4. The weather in the image is varied. Why do you think this is? Explain your reasoning.
  5. The image has a key message in it. Explain what you think this message is.
  6. Use three adjectives to describe the image.
  7. Why do you think different modes of transport are shown in the image?
  8. The image represents different countries around the world. What else could it represent?
  9. What key landmarks are in the image?
  10. Are there any key landmarks that you think should be included in the image? Why?
  11. What feelings might the picture make you feel? Give three examples.
  12. The image has many famous landmarks in it. Where else might you have seen images of these landmarks?