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Dartford District Sports 2017

24th May 2017 - What an amazing afternoon for Team Holy Trinity!

This is a year that will be fondly remembered by our school and budding Olympians; it is the year that Holy Trinity finally won the Dartford Districts Sporting Event... Jointly with Stone St Mary's (who we have a great working relationship with) but, none the less a real success! 

For those of you that know our school and in particular 'Coach Suv', you will know that it has been her ultimate goal since starting work at the school (some years ago) to be the very proud winner and holder of the Dartford District Sports Shield! Coach is a dedicated member of our team in recognising and driving the standard of sports, she spends her days teaching PE, working with and organising events for the pupils' to take part in.

This year, (as is normal practice) Coach has spent time working with the pupils to identify the strongest in each of the athletic categories, the pupils, in turn have worked hard to continue to improve at their sport and improve on their personal best, and right up until the performance on the day it is always unknown who will have won until the scores have been announced. 

As you can imagine when the result was shared as a 'first time ever joint winners' and we were one of them, there was a fantastic response of excitement and cheering, along with a real sense of sportsmanship and pride.

The level of quality in athletics across the Dartford schools was very strong throughout the afternoon and most of the 16 schools bagged a medal for at least one of their pupils' achievements which was really lovely to see! 

We would like to extend out thanks to the support from the staff that attended, the parents that supported but most of all the pupils' for their sheer determination in achieving the best they could! Collectively an incredibly strong team - Team Holy Trinity!!