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Anglo Saxon Project, 'A Spot Called Crayford'

This term Year 4 have been involved with an exciting project funded by Heritage Lottery. The project, A Spot Called Crayford, has been teaching the children about the Anglo Saxons and the rich local history of this. A local community group, Crayford Reminiscence and Youth (CRAY) approached the school for their involvement and we were delighted as it gave the children the opportunity to be taught by leading experts and historians. They are learning about the legendary figures of Hengest and Horsa, who led their Jutish army to victory over the Britons. Already they have been introduced to the Anglo-Saxons and a Professor and students from Kings College London have visited the school to teach them how to write and speak in Anglo-Saxon English.On Tuesday 26th June Year 4 were given an Anglo-Saxon workshop. Part of this workshop was to prepare them for battle! They were shown the battle chants of the Anglo Saxons in preparation for a great event. The great event was on this Saturday- 30th June. We re-enacted the Battle of Crayford as part of the St Paulinus School fete. Holy Trinity School children from year 4 were the Anglo-Saxon warriors and St. Paulinus were the Britons. The good news for us is that the Anglo-Saxons win! The children were all given costumes to wear, shields to hold and spears to attack! At the fete CRAY also organised a Roman re-enactor to be there, Repeating History helped the children from St Paulinus and Holy Trinity schools to re-stage the Battle of Crayford whilst Saxon Living History group, Wulfingas, staged an Anglo-Saxon fashion show. It was a wonderful event and the support from the parents was brilliant. 20 children from our school attended which was a fabulous turn out and one that we really appreciate - so thank you parents! We, of course , won the battle of Crayford and everyone there had an exciting time. Well done Year 4!