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National Science Day

National Science Day

This year National Science Week was celebrated on the 11th - 18th March. 


As a school we marked this by holding a Science themed day where a variety of Science activities took place all over the school.


Have a look at the photos below to see what we got up to!

In year 6 we investigated the journey of plastic into our oceans. We carried out an experiment to try to find a way to clean the water.

Year 4.


In Robins, we studied the water cycle and the four main stages it possesses. We looked at how far a sneeze could travel in our 'Sneeze Zone', to see how we could prevent the spread of germs. Finally, we worked in groups to create the strongest spaghetti bridge which could hold  the journey of a toy car upon it.

In Badgers, we investigated how to stop the spread of germs in the sneeze zone, had a go at designing our own aeroplanes and seeing whose could travel the furthest! Then finally we discussed bridge designs before designing and creating our own out of spaghetti!


Still image for this video
In Year 2 we investigated sound vibrations by making cup telephones. We also investigated different materials and worked with forces to design, create and test parachutes. In addition we investigated structures by building the tallest, safest structure we could by using spaghetti and marshmallows. Finally we created balloon rockets and used our knowledge of forces to make them blast off! We even held races... It was a fantastic day and everybody learned lots about Science whilst having oodles of fun!

Reception - EYFS have had fun making slime, trying to protect humpty dumpty the egg, trying to understand force and doing lots of fun experiments.