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Monday's Quest

Monday's Quest 


* Read up about castles and answer the comprehension questions.


*Complete the daily GPS Quest to sharpen your grammar skills.


* Research 'castles' using these questions to guide you. Use the information that has been uploaded for you on this page, the youtube links and your own research to answer the questions. Remember you just have to take notes today about the facts that you have learned but make them clear and neat so that you can use them later on in the week to write a longer piece of writing.

Guided Questions   

1. What are castles?

2. What are they built from?

3. Who built them?

4. Who lived in them?

5. What are the features of a castle? (Think about defensive features too.)

6. Are there different types of castles?

7. Are there any castles in Kent?

8. Where were they built? Why do you think that they were built there?


* Have a look at British coins. What is the value of each coin? How do you know? 

* Can you order the coins from smallest value to largest? 

* Can you compare their worth using < or > ?

* Have a go at some of the Maths sheets below. 


*Sketch a castle and label the design features. Eg. The curtain wall. 


*Bake some medieval bread but don't eat it yet or you won't have any left for your pottage tomorrow.


GPS Daily Quest

Baking Quest

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