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Monday's Quest

Monday's Quests


* Read the 'Oops Dragon' text and answer the questions to test your knowledge. 


* Complete the daily GPS quest.


* Begin to learn a little bit about how newspaper reports are written and how they are different to fictional stories and ordinary recounts. Read a range of newspaper reports and find information within some of them by using the five question words - Who? What? Why? Where? When? - All newspaper reports are written based on the information that can be found out by asking these important questions. 


* Solve a Maths Mystery using a combination of mathematical skills that you have built up in Year 2. 


* A dragon is a predator. In your Science quest learn all about food chains. What is a predator? What is a consumer? Why is it called a 'food chain' ?  Use the BBC Bitesize clips to help you understand a bit more about food chains. 


* Watch Robert Munsch tell one of Queen Ramsay's favourite children's books - 'The Paperbag Princess' 

Watch world-renowned storyteller Robert Munsch perform The Paper Bag Princess

For many readers, The Paper Bag Princess was revolutionary. Since it was first published in 1980 - 40 years ago next May - it has sold more than seven millio...