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Monday's Quest

Monday's Quests

* Read the comprehension about the Legend of King Arthur. 


* Complete the daily GPS quest.


* Take some time to read through the different myths and fairy tales that have their settings as castles. By the end of the week you will be writing your very own quest story so it would be a good idea to jot down any good ideas about characters, settings or plots to include in your story. 


*Learn a little about statistics. What are they? Why do we need to record data? What are the different ways that we record data? What is a tally chart? What is a pictogram? What is a bar chart?


*Begin the investigation into materials. Read Rapunzel's email and watch her story. Do you think that you can help her? Make some predictions and begin to find materials that you will test or use.  


* Quest stories often include dragons. Find a good picture of a dragon and sketch it.

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