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Monday 8th February

SNOW DAY!!! (Task 1)


Take a look outside, what's happened?








When you go outside in the snow today see if you can complete some of the following challenges:

- Can you find some ice?

- Can you make a snowman or a snow sculpture?

- Can you write your name or a message in the snow?

- Can you make some footprints, or find some animal footprints?

- Can you find some ice?

- What happens to the snow if you hold it in your hand for a long time?

- Can you think of some words to describe what the snow is like?

- Take some snow indoors in a bowl or on a tray and watch what happens to it.

- Can you catch a snowflake on your tongue?

- Can you find any ice?

- Can you make a snow angel? 


Take some photos, we would love to see you in the snow. After you've been outside draw a picture of what you saw or what you did. See if you can label it or write a sentence. 

Maths (Task 2)


Draw round your hands and cut them out, then write the numbers 1-10 on the fingers, fold them over and write them backwards on the other side. Stick them to some paper and you can experiment with different ways of making 10, with some fingers down and some fingers up! 



Green and Red Words for 'Push the Bus' Ditty Lesson (Task 3)

Watch the video and read along with the words you'll need for our next Ditty story, 'Push the Bus'.

Push the Bus Ditty Book - pg.18-21 (Task 3)

Push the Bus Ditty Book - pg.18-21 (Task 3)

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