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Monday 4th January

Home Learning | Monday 4th January


Holiday News! (Task 1)


Usually after a holiday break we use circle time to share what we have been doing at home and any significant events in our lives. Whilst we cannot do this 'in person' at school, we would love to hear about your Christmas holidays. You can record a video message or write it down but we would love to hear about what you did, what you got for Christmas and anything special you have done. Send your news to:  

Phonics (Task 2)


Follow along with Mr Carter's Phonics lesson in the powerpoint below.

Storytime (Task 3)

Listen along to 'The Storm Whale'. Can you answer these questions with your grown up?

How many cats did Noi have?
How do you think Noi feels when his Dad goes off to work?
Why did Noi's Dad say they had to return the whale to the ocean?
Noi is happy at the end of the story, why do you think this is?
What words would you use to describe Noi?

Maths (Task 4)


Watch the video and see if you can make your own tea party for your toys. You will need a jug of water and some cups. Take some pictures for us and try and use the words:



Nearly full

Half full

Nearly empty


Capacity Tea Party