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Monday 25th January

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RE-The Grace

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In Maths this week, our topic is Statistics.  This is the interpretation and presentation of data.  We will be learning to use and create tally charts, pictograms and bar charts to present and understand information.  

Today, we start with tally charts.  

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Today our focus in reading in Vocabulary.  


Vocabulary plays a important role in the reading process, and contributes greatly to a reader's comprehension. A reader cannot understand a text without knowing what most of the words mean.


Some extra vocabulary activities:

  • Find books to read on your own. The more you read, the more new words you'll see, and the more you'll learn about the words.
  • Look ahead in textbooks to learn new vocabulary and concepts before your teacher goes over the section in class.
  • Keep a list of key vocabulary and transition words.