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Monday 25th January

Storytime - The Three Little Pigs (Task 1)


Listen to our guest reader Miss Greasby tell the story of the three little pigs and keep your eyes out for the Big Bad Wolf!


Afterwards you can read or listen to the alternative versions of the story.


The Three Little Pigs

Phonics - Rhyming Words (Task 2)


1. Listen to Mr Carter read 'Oi Frog' you can stop the video and or listen along and try to guess the rhyming words. 


2. Play the rhyming picture matching powerpoint or try these online word matching games.

Words that rhyme with 'ug'

Words that rhyme with 'at'.

Words that rhyme with 'ill'.


3. Watch Mr Carter's video and try draw some rhyming pictures..


Starting words to choose from - bun, pig, bed, man, pen, dog, lock, vest

1. Oi Frog (Read by Mr. Carter)

3. Rhyming Pictures

Can you 'huff and puff' it? (Task 3)

How many steps? (Task 4)


It's time to get measuring! You are going to measure the distance from your sofa at home to different objects in your house. I have chosen my TV, toilet, sink and bed but you can choose what you like. Measure the steps but walking like this below and count the steps taken in the most direct route. You can then record the results in a simple table like the one below. Once you have you results discuss with an adult:


What was the closest? What was the furthest? How many steps back from a place to the sofa - is it the same?



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