Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Monday 25th January

Welcome to week 4! We are half way through the term!

We would like to start by acknowledging what an amazing job parents and children are doing. As the reality of another week with the same routine sets in please remember, the priority is that you are all safe and well. Even though we are not in the classroom we are all part of the Holy Trinity family and are here if you or your children need anything we can support with. A chat, a virtual cuppa or just a zoom call to see a friendly face, we are here and care for you all.

The reality is parents are juggling their jobs, normal running of the house and children's school work, whilst surviving a global pandemic. Be kind to yourselves and know you are doing a fantastic job.

Please stay safe, know you are loved and cared for and we are here for you and your children. Please use the link on the previous page if there is anything we can do to support.


Below you will find the lessons for today.

They are


-GPS (Spelling)