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Monday 22nd February

Monday's Lessons

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We are learning about Humanism and what humanists believe in.

Humanist resources and activities


This week, we will be recapping and consolidating skills we learned in Terms 1 and 2 and will be focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  


Today, we recap addition and using the column method to add two numbers.  Can you remember what happens when we have too many ones, tens or hundreds?  

Our learning today is in two parts - part 1 is practising and consolidating fluency skills and part 2 is reasoning and problem solving.   

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Today we explore alliteration

Discover what alliteration is and how this can help your writing to be more interesting and engaging to read - plus it's really fun too!  Show off your skills by writing a descriptive paragraph using alliteration.



Reading this week is a little different.  All groups have the same reading extract - if you find it a bit tricky to read, ask an adult to help you - the more you read it, the more familiar you'll become. 


We really want to develop your comprehension skills, which are different to decoding skills (We will be speaking separately to individual children to support them with their decoding and fluency skills).


The comprehension questions are divided into 3 levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold.  If you are in Mrs Jardine's or Mrs Rhodes-Evans's reading group, you need to answer the Bronze questions; if you are in Miss Lam-Hang's reading group, you need to answer Bronze AND Silver questions and if you are in Miss Pettit's reading group, you need to answer ALL the questions.


Please remember to write in full sentences (not just one or two words) and don't forget to use the correct punctuation!