Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Monday 18th January

Monday Week 3 Intro

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Early Morning Work

Work out the answers to these questions. What answers are incorrect? Who are the impostors? 
Give both of these tasks a go. 

Complete the circle by multiplying the number in the center by the middle ring to get the outer numbers.

Remember, you do not need to print these- these can be copied onto paper/ edited on your device.

Maths - To use mental mathematics skills.

Complete the Arithmetic Test. Give yourself no more than about 30 minutes to answer the questions. Mark your answers using the sheet on the last page (don't peak during the test). Send your scores in to us!

Guided Reading

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Follow the video, listen to the text, answer questions when prompted and then listen again.

Work your way through the powerpoint, ensuring your knowledge of first-person is clear.

Today you will complete the diary worksheet where you will write a first-person diary entry – but you will be writing it as though you were an animal. It is a super fun task and I cannot wait to read your diary entries. 

There is a worksheet with sentence starters and one that is blank, please choose that one that you feel is appropriate for you.  The blank one is a little bit of a challenge, so if you would like to take on that challenge then please do.

Remember, these do not have to be printed out but can be if you choose to!

Independently work your way through the tasks. This should take just over an hour. Please remember to use full responses. Remember to send in your wonderful work to us.