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Monday 11th January

Storytime (Task 1)


Listen to Mr Carter tell the story of the Three Billy Goat's Gruff. Can you answer these questions?

1. What kind of character was the troll? Why?

2. What did the first Billy Goat say?

3. Why do you think the first two Billy Goats asked the troll to eat their brother?

4. Why would they get fat if they went up the hill?

5. What do you think happened to the troll after he fell in the river? 

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff (Monday 11th January)

Storytelling (Task 2)


Learn to retell the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff by learning the words to the storymap at home. The storymap has picture prompts to help you remember what happened and the powerpoint breaks it down line by line so you can learn along with it. There are also the words for your adult to help you.


You will need to practice this lots of times before you can remember it, so this is a task for you to do little and often throughout this week. 

Phonics Lesson 'ch' (Task 3)

Join my Mr. Bennett for today's phonics lesson. You'll need some paper and something to write with.

Number 7 (Task 4)

Today's lesson is all about the number SEVEN!

Three Billy Goats Gruff Bridge STEM Activity (Task 5)

Join Mrs. Sakhi to make a bridge and Three Billy Goats Gruff puppets! This activity has a few steps so you may want to complete over a couple of days.

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