Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Monday 11th January

Good morning guys!

We hope you  have all had a nice weekend with your families and that you are all safe and well.


We would like to say how proud we are of you! We have received some amazing home learning from you. Receiving your work and seeing so many of you on our daily registrations truly are the highlights of our day!


We look forward to seeing you during our registration again at 11am today.


Don't forget we have the contact form on the previous page if you have any questions about the below learning.


Below you will find:


-Our daily introduction giving you an outline of what your day will look like.

-An RE lesson.

-A Maths lesson.

-Your spelling test.

-A Reading lesson.

-A GPS lesson. 

Today's introduction video

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Welcome to today's RE lesson everyone! 

This lesson is all about being 'Fishers of Men.'

Please click on the video below for your step by step guide to this lesson, remember to pause it to allow you time to think and to complete the questions; underneath the video you will find the activity sheet (in both Microsoft Word format and PDF format) if you would like to use that as your structure, as well as some additional, optional tasks.

How do Christians try to be like Jesus.mp4

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Welcome to today’s Maths lesson.

Today we are moving on to a brand new objective from your Year 4 Math Curriculum: Factors.

Please watch the below video for the lesson input.

Lesson 1.mp4

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Below is the PowerPoint shared in the video in both PowerPoint format and PDF format.

Here is a short video from BBC Bitesize if you would like to watch this: What are factors? - BBC Bitesize


Below are the activities and optional additional challenges for today’s Maths lesson.


Remember we are here if you need anything. Please email your work to:

Spelling Tests

Meteorite Spelling Group

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Crescent Spelling Group

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Star Spelling Group

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Prediction - Tiny Adventure.mp4

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Today's GPS lesson is all about Determiners!

Please watch the video below for your lesson input. Below the video you will be able to find today's tasks for you.

Monday GPS lesson.mp4

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