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Miss Morley's group

Please watch the Sound Set 1 video, practice saying your Sound Set 1 sounds. I would then like you to watch the Geraldine the Giraffe ‘t’ video. ‘T’ is our revision sound for today. I would then like you to chalk out a few Sound Set 1 sounds that you are currently learning and drive your favourite car or bike around them to park on each sound. Ask your parent to call out sounds and time how long it takes you to drive and park on the correct sound. You can also park on sounds to spell out CVC words as your parent calls them out. For example, you would need to park on ‘c’, ‘a’, and ‘r’ to spell out car. Next, I would like you to have a go at the Phonics Play Obb and Bob game.


The website is:


The login details are:


Username: jan21

Password: home


Make sure you click on the Phase 2 sounds. Finally, have a go at forming the ‘t’ sound. Can you write any words with ‘t’ in them?

LM Phonics.mp4

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