Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Miss Morley's group

Please watch the Sound Set 1 video, practice saying your Sound Set 1 sounds. I would then like you to watch the Geraldine the Giraffe ‘d’ video. ‘D’ is our revision sound for today. I would like you to use card, paper or chalk on the ground to make simple jumping spots with Sound Set 1 sounds on them. Place these as a single line of stepping-stones across the room or area, in the formation of a CVC word. Pretend that there are crocodiles underneath the water around them. The aim is to jump across from one stepping-stone to the next calling out the sounds as you jump and then blending the sounds to form the word. I would then like you to play musical statues, you have to try to use your body or hands to make the shape of the letters that your parent calls out each time the music stops. This is a good opportunity to look closely at letter shapes in a fun way. Finally, have a go at forming the ‘d’ sound. Can you write any words with ‘d’ in them?

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