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Memory Games

Children use working memory all the time to learn. It’s needed for things like following multi-step directions or solving a math problem in your head. Here are some fun games to help improve your working memory.
Here are some links to websites with memory games:

I went to the shops......


One of the most popular memory games is " I went to the shops and I bought.......". It needs no resources and can be played anywhere.


The players take it in turn to suggest an item they would buy at the shops.

Each time a new item is suggested, it is added to the list and the players have to remember  the whole list before adding a new item e.g. Player 1says  "I went to the shops and I bought an apple." Player 2 then says "I went to the shops and I bought an apple AND a pencil" Player 3 (or back to Player 1) then has to add a further item to the list. 


The game ends when someone forgets an item from the shopping list!


To make it harder, the items could be alphabetical e.g. apple, banana, carrot etc.


To make it easier you could actually use real food items from your cupboards.


It can be adapted to "I went to the beach and I took.....", "I went on holiday and I packed....."


The important thing is to remember the items in order and not if you could really buy them in a shop!!!!

Some more games to try