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Swan Class - Formulae


Today, we are moving on from substitution and learning about formulae. We will be learning what they are, how we use them and begin to form our own. We will initially be working on some well-known shape formulae to help you work out specific measurements. Then, we will have a look at it in a more problem-solving context. Please work through the tasks on the video first and then choose a sheet that you feel is suitable for you. They are different in context, however both deal with using formulae. 




Good morning! For today's algebra lesson we will be looking at SAT style questions covering a range of algebra topics, especially those that we have most recently been looking at. There is a mark scheme for you to self-assess against. It would be an excellent idea if you could write a list of the topics of algebra you have struggled with over the remote learning period. This way your class teachers know how best to support you when we are back in class next Monday. As a reminder for you we have covered the following: Find a Rule (1&2 step); Forming Expressions; Substitution; Formulae; Forming Equations; Solving Equations (1&2 step); Find Pairs of Values; Enumerate Possibilities.