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Swan Class - Two-Step Calculations and Function Machines


Yesterday, we began our topic of Algebra and we were working on one-step function machines. Today, we are expanding that out to two-step function machines. In this way, you are learning the skills that you will need to apply when faced with more complex algebraic functions and equations. We will look at how to solve two-step function machines accurately, finding patterns with outputs and also investigating into the possibility of simplifying a two-step function machine into a one-step. Work through the video and then choose a sheet to help with your understanding.  

Two step algebra

FOXES AND MAGPIES - Find Pairs of Values


Good morning! Today's learning continues with our theme of solving equation but today we will move on to solving 2 unknown quantities. Please view the videos below which explain the learning and set out the tasks below. 

Find Pairs of Values Intro.mp4

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Find Pairs of Values Tasks Explained.mp4

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