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Swan Class - Finding One Rule in Algebra


Today, we will begin our algebra topic. We will start by looking at simple missing number problems in the form of function machines. We will then extend this further to finding the rule or 'function' of the function machine. Today's lesson is about looking for links between numbers. You will need to think about number patterns like multiples and remember how to double, halve and even think outside the box a little. We will be working with both whole numbers, decimals and fractions to keep that knowledge ticking over. By the end of the lesson, you should hopefully find that algebra isn't such a mystery after all. Follow the video and complete the tasks. Then you can choose a sheet to work through to help you apply your knowledge. 

One Step Algebra

FOXES AND MAGPIES - 2 Step Equations 


Good morning! Today's lesson will be building on yesterday's learning as we move our focus on to 2 step equations. Please view the videos below which introduce the learning and explain today's tasks. 

2 Step Equation Part 1.mp4

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2 Step Equation Part 2.mp4

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2 Step Equation Tasks Explained.mp4

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