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Swan Class - Finding Missing Values using Percentages


Today will be our last lesson on percentages for now. We will be using our knowledge of finding percentages of a number and the bar model to help us solve missing value problems. You will learn how to find 100% of a number by knowing only a smaller percentage. Eg. 40% of ___ = 20    You will be able to work out the missing whole by using the piece of the puzzle that you already know. Follow the video through and complete the tasks; then choose a sheet to complete to aid with your understanding and fluency. It is a different type of problem solving than yesterday, but problem solving nonetheless, so be resilient. Happy problem solving.

Finding Missing Values with Percentages

Fox and Magpies


Good morning! Today's lesson is looking at 1 step equations. Today we will be using our learning on equations to support us in solving equations. There are both fluency and reasoning tasks set for today's lesson. Please view the videos below which introduce the learning and explain today's set tasks. 

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1 Step Equation Tasks Explained.mp4

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