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Swan Class - Problem Solving with Percentages


Today, we will be using our knowledge of finding percentages of amounts to problem solve in a real-life context. What happens when you walk into a shop and there is a sign that says 25% off? You need to know how to work out not just the amount of money that you get off, but your new price. This is the type of question that we will be practising today. Work through the video and then choose your level of sheet to work through. One-step is a good start, but the two-step questions are more challenging and where we need to be aiming for. If you still do not understand how to calculate a percentage of an amount, go back over some lessons that cover this and try a sheet that you have not done which doesn't yet touch on problem solving. 

Percentage of amounts problem solving



Forming Equations - Reasoning & Problem Solving


Please view the video below which explains today's learning and tasks. The tasks are saved below. 

Equation Reasoning Intro