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Swan Class - Calculating Percentages of Amounts


Today, we will be working on calculating percentages of amounts. This lesson is a recap of the final lessons of last term as you will need to be secure in this in order to move on tomorrrow and problem solve using this skill. Watch the video, complete the tasks and then choose a sheet (one that you have not already completed) to practise and become confident with calculating percentages of amounts. You do not need to complete all of the sheets. There are just a variety for you to choose from. 

Percentages of Amounts Recap



Good morning and welcome to Term 4 :) This week we will be continuing with our learning on algebra. For today's lesson we will be learning about equations. Please view the videos below which explain the learning and the tasks saved below. 

Forming Equations Intro.mp4

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Forming Equtions Tasks Explained.mp4

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