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Swan Class - Finding percentages of an amount.


Today, we will use our knowledge from yesterday and move it on a little further. We learned what to do to find 1%, 10%, 25% and 50% of an amount. How do we find 30%, 15% or even 27%? Today we will be exploring some of the different ways we can do this, focusing primarily on finding 10% first and using this to help us find the rest. Work through the video and then have a go at some sheets to consolidate your understanding. As always, you do not have to do all the sheets and some of them you may find more to the level that you are working at than others. I have put in a range as I am aware that everyone learns at a different pace. :) Don't feel pressured to do all of the sheets. That is not what they are all there for. The video is quite long today so if you just want to work through those tasks that is also fine. As long as you are pausing the video, calculating and then checking your answers this works well. :) Happy calculating. 

Percentage of amounts

Fox and Magpies


Algebra mini-quiz


Today we will have a mini quiz to check in on our learning so far within algebra. There are 20 questions. They do not necessarily go from easiest - hardest. The cover each small step we have learnt so far: input and output, expressions, substitutions and formulae. There is a mark scheme available to self-assess. Please let your class teacher know if you have struggled with anything. 

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