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Swan Class - Decimal to Percentage Conversion


Today, we will be delving into the world of percentages. What are they? Where might we find them in real-life? How do we use them? What is the link between percentages and decimals? We will then spend some time focusing on how we convert decimals to percentages. This will help us build a foundation for the next lesson where we will be converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. Some of the sheets below already touch upon this. If you feel confident, then convert between all three, but if not then just do part of the sheets and miss out the conversion between fractions and percentages. Happy converting!

Percentage Conversion

Fox and Magpie Class


Algebra Substitution - Reasoning


Good morning - today we are building on our learning from Friday to answer reasoning questions about substitution. Please view the videos below which recap Friday's learning and explain the processes and the tasks for today. 

Substitution Reasoning Intro

Substitution Tasks Explained.mp4

Still image for this video