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Swan Class - Conversion of Fractions to Decimals and Back


Today, we will be recapping the processes of converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. This will both consolidate our learning and lead us on nicely into the work that we will be doing next week on percentages. Follow the video through recapping the methods and having a go at the examples so you feel secure with your understanding. Then, create a conversion table to help you out next week (Miss Ramsay will demonstrate this in the video). If you have completed all of this, you may make a percentage poster. What do you already know about percentages? What does the symbol look like? Where do we see them in everyday life? How do they link to fractions and decimals? It is your chance to show me what you know, or what you can research. 

Fractions to Decimals and Back

Magpie and Fox Class


Algebra - Substitution


Good morning! In today's lesson we will be learning about substitution in algebra. Please view the videos which will show you the processes and the tasks. 

Substitution Intro.mp4

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Substitution Tasks Explained.mp4

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