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Swan Class - Converting Decimals back to Fractions


Today, we will be flipping our learning from yesterday on its head. We looked at converting fractions to decimals and now we will investigate the process of converting decimals back into fractions. You will be working through some examples that are easy to do on sight and then learning a strategy for those that are less obvious. This will build on your learning from yesterday and consolidate your knowledge of links between fractions and decimals. By the end of the lesson, we will be using our knowledge of conversion both ways to help us solve calculations and problems. 

How do we convert decimals back to fractions

Fox and Magpie Class


Algebra - Forming Expressions.


Good morning! In today's lesson we will be building on our learning so far this week and looking at how to form expressions. By the end of the lesson you will be able to algebraically write an expression and understand them. 

Forming Equations Intro.mp4

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Forming Expressions Tasks Explained.mp4

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