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Swan Class - Converting Fractions into Decimals


Today, we will be converting fractions into decimals. We will be linking our knowledge of both types of number and seeing how they are interrelated. There will be some which you will be able to convert just by sight when you understand how they are written, there are some that you will learn and be able to convert by memory and for the others I will be teaching you a method to convert should you be in any doubt. We will then look at a couple of problems. Choose your level today. If you want to spend time becoming confident with conversion, do that. If you want to challenge yourself with more problem solving and reasoning, do that. The aim by the end of the lesson is that everyone can convert at least some fractions into decimals. 

How do we convert fractions into decimals

Fox and Magpie Class


Algebra - Find a Rule 2 Steps


Good morning. Today we will be building on our learning from yesterday. The only difference today is that the function machines carry 2 calculations rather than one. 

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