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Swan Class - Dividing Decimals by Integers


Today, we will focus on the inverse of the lesson that we did yesterday. We will be looking at how we divide decimals. We will be looking at how this works in a practical, pictorial and abstract way first, before moving on to using the well-known bus stop method to divide decimals by integers. Many of you will remember how to use this method, so you should have little problem using it to divide decimals rather than whole numbers. Work through the tasks in the video and then use the sheets to give you a chance to apply what you have learned. Choose your challenge level. Don't forget to write in depth explanations, or give examples for reasoning problems that expect longer answers. They want to know how you know. Prove it to them. 

Divide Decimals by Integers

Fox and Magpie Class


Algebra - Find a Rule 


Good morning. Today we kick off our learning about Algebra. There is a video below which explains the learning of today and a second one which explains the tasks for today. The tasks and answers are saved below. 

To start with, we are looking at the idea of a function machine (a calculation) which is acted upon an input (number) and then gives an output (an answer). For example if the input = 5 and the function = +10 then the output would = 15. 

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Tasks Explained.mp4

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